June 17, 2020


5 Best Affordable Perfumes

If you’re looking for a signature scent, and are on a budget, check out these 5 best affordable perfumes that can be easily mistaken for high-end fragrances.

Rihanna Rebl Fleur

Coconutty, sexy and memorable best describe this celebrity perfume. It’s incredibly long lasting and will get you noticed in a crowd.

Vera Wang Perwinkle and Iris

This Vera Wang gem is powdery, musky and simply sophisticated. You won’t believe how cheap you’ll find it at some places, and how luxurious and expensive it feels.

Agent Provocateur Fatale Intense

Looking for something sweet, spicy and warm with powdery notes? Look no more. You may need to re-apply it throughout the day, but the price and the scent justify it.

Juicy Coture Viva La Juicy

This one is best described as flirtatious and charming, and guys seem to adore it. Be prepared to constantly get stopped on the street and asked what you’re wearing.

Versace Vanitas

Who would’ve thought that a Versace perfume would be on this list! It’s a soapy and clean scent with an excellent staying power.


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